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Principle Game Design

2022 -
Phondex is an unannounced game to help children learn read and write properly.
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Death Trash

Intern | Game Design

Death Trash is a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors crave humanity but meet punks with shotguns. Influences are post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, grotesque scenarios and black humor.
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Out of the Box

3rd Semester Project | System-, Feature Design

Out of the Box is a light horror puzzle adventure game with a blend of 2D and 3D set in a strange animal test lab. Changed by the reality defying experiments you now try to sever the connection to the quantum world and to the box you were “created” in.
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Operation Blind Ghost

2nd Semester Project | Lead Game Design

Operation Blind Ghost is a 3D top-down stealth game with invisibility set in a fantasy world in a war torn environment. With the power to become invisible, you sneak through the level, collect knowledge and secret documents and try to escape unnoticed.

- Other Work -


"The end justifies the means - Alternatives to violence in game mechanics"

Work Document

Meta Game Design Document (MGDD)

Non-Violent Pacman

Unreal 5 Prototype

More Games


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1st Semester Project | Game Design

2021 - 2021
Kr'haken is a fast paced 2d topdown action game, in a sunken temple, where you play as a cursed treasure hunter, on their struggle to escape. You need to freeze monsters and then use your grappling hook to smash them with a devastating melee attack.



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Itch.io Projects

Here you can see all my collected Itch.io projects.


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This paper discusses a diversity problem in video games. The overuse of violence is causing a poverty of innovation, lack of inclusion, and stagnation of art. By designing non-violent game mechanics, we will achieve new and innovative ways of diverse representation of player pleasures, according to my thesis. After defining the concept of violence following Bufacchi (2005, 2013), and game mechanics following Schell (2008) and Sylvester (2013), I will argue that the contradictory nature of creating non-violent game mechanics with current game engines and computers is by no means an impossible undertaking, but a pure design challenge. I will provide existing examples of video games and a design concept of my own to prove that non-violent game design is a possible and desirable effort to ensure artistic and diverse progress of the video game medium.


My opensource work document, where I collect everything I learn for later reference. Here I try to collect insightful references for all important work for game designers. Feel free to add comments, if you have suggestions or find errors!


To prove (to myself) that I can familiarize myself with a new engine, I chose to make a small prototype using Unreal Engine 5. So I set up a time frame and designed a little mechanic to prototype in a new environment.

ps. please ignore the placeholder explosions in the video haha.


I started with a small initial question: "How could Pacman without violence look like?". From there I created a first rough concept draft. Concept and Paper Prototype

After a couple of iterations I came up with this One Page Design as part of my portfolio piece. I also answered the initial question to how a non-violent approach to Pacman could look like. The final One Page Design


Visual Scripting was also new to me and probably the hardest part. But after some time and reading documentation and watching videos it clicked and I was able to finish my MVP tasks.

The AI had to move and patrol the map and pick a random letter at start. Also I tried to get some experience with switch states and signals. AI Blueprint

I made a simple enum list to pick random letters for the pickups, so every playthrough is different. Also the player UI had to update on pickup, which I used to learn accessing other BPs. PickUp Blueprint

Self Management


Then I used a simple Kanban board to set up and track work tasks. This helped me structurize my work into practical pieces. Kanban board