Kr’haken is a fast paced 2d topdown action game, in a sunken temple, where you play as a cursed treasure hunter, on their struggle to escape. You need to freeze monsters and then use your grappling hook to smash them with a devastating melee attack.

What I learned

  • What it means to be a Game Designer
  • How other departments work and what they need
  • Why priorization and prototyping is so crucial
  • he importancy for clear, clean, open and frequent communication

My Responsibilities

Lead Game Design:
  • System Design
  • Feature Design
  • Level Design
  • Balancing
  • Documentation
  • Vision Keeping
  • Additional VFX Art
  • Additional Sound Design
  • Marketing

Game Design Examples

Those were the attack patterns we agreed on for our monsters. The modular design allowed for adding additional behaviour to basic attack forms.

Attack Patterns for Monster

Level Design Examples

This is an early stage concept for the tutorial room. It shows what and how we were planning to introduce to the player.

Early Tutorial Concept
This is the final tutorial room. The players get introducted to the controls and core mechanics in a simple guided way. This room was playtested the most.

Final Tutorial Room


I set up a Trello taskboard for the team to keep track of task.

Trello Taskboard


his was my very first GDD, yet I already tried to make it as fun to read as possible, by adding images, color coding and charts.