- Bio -

My name is Dominik and I'm a Berlin-original. After concluding my last semester in Cean, France in 2019 I graduated from University of Potsdam with my Bachelor in Philosophy and French Philology, where I focused mainly on animal ethics and the mind. After a small dip into the world of social media management, I started my training as a game designer at School4Games in Berlin.

I have loved video games for as long as I can think. From my first adventures in Frogger and Tomb Raider to my most beloved Half-Life, Witcher 3 and Dark Souls. Video games are my true passion and I devour everything on that topic. This is where I spend most of my free time on.

When not gaming, I like to play football and Pen&Paper games or delve in my love for animals, Melodic Death Metal music or French and Asian culture and cuisine.

- Skills -

- Design -

Systems design, implementation
Game mechanic design
Non-violent game mechanics
Visually and cooperative documentation
Playtest conduction and iteration
Holistic problem solving

- Software -

Microsoft Office & Google Docs
Git, Sourcetree, TortoiseHg
Visual Studio
DaVinci Resolve

- Languages -

Unreal Blueprints

German (native)
English (fluent)
French (C2)
Italian (A2)

- Engines -

Unreal 5