- How I work -

My Focus

While I love the obscure and unknown in horror, I strive for sharp, clear and distinct documents and believe that complexity can only derive from simplicity.

As a designer, I focus on elegant, modular, easy to understand and cooperative work. My genre focus lies on horror and immersive sim games, which I prefer to combine with non-violent game mechanics.

(See my thesis on the bottom for more on non-violent game design)

My Work Ethos

Game Development is a team effort, as is Game Design. It's my belief that every team member should be heard and have a feeling of ownership.
That is why I'm always open to feedback. Good Game Design depends on it.

It is not my job to insist on my design, but to make my team believe in our design. My documents are collaborative and as short as possible, because I value the time of my colleagues.

Non Violent Game Mechanics

Violence in games is overused. And often it is chosen as the most easy and feasable solution. As described in my thesis, I believe there is a huge amount of innovation hidden behind the vail of violence as game mechanics.

Current aproaches in latest games excite me very much. I want to explore it as well!